Blog, Day 1.

Rainy nastiness seems to be the theme of the week. I’ve been dreading it every time I head out on the bike to get to work. Unless I am in a kayak, soggy is not my favorite condition. So I’ve been hitting the treadmill the last few days, trying to get the minimum mile in and then on with life.

Today’s run: 1 mile, treadmill, about 17:45 mile average pace, 2 min intervals of 21:43 (walking) and 13:57 (jogging). Still better than a snail.

Today’s R: So far, just fiddling around with package loading and watching my Udemy course videos to see if they tell me anything different from what Coursera does. Some time in swirl()¬†finishing the Coursera specific set of exercises. More to come, I hope.

Welcome to the blog.